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Hot Water Extraction is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method

August 14, 2016

With all of the options on the market today for cleaning your residential or commercial carpets, it can be confusing to know which option is the best and which one gives you the best value for your money. Despite the range of methods available on the market it is important to note that according to carpet manufacturers, the best and only manufacturer approved method is hot water extraction, better known as steam cleaning. Ace’s Carpet Cleaning aims to educate our clients on the benefits of hot water extraction carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction is the only method of carpet cleaning which is classified as a deep cleaning procedure, while other methods are considered simply light surface cleaning because these methods are unable to penetrate to the root of the carpet fibers to remove built up soil. Additionally, methods such as dry cleaning, carpet shampooing, and chemical powder cleaning leave a large amount of cleaning agent in the carpet – presenting a potential risk to your pets and children if the company uses harsh chemicals.

Hot water extraction is often referred to as steam cleaning because the process involves the heating of water to over 200 degrees at the truck mounted unit, which is then used to create a fine spray of heated water and cleaning solution at the head of the machine which forces dirt and grime up out of the carpet fibers. The cleaning head is attached to a high powered vacuum which recovers this dirty water and transports it out of your home to a collection tank on the truck.

The dry cleaning and chemical powder methods of carpet cleaning uses a technique of sprinkling dry absorbent powders on to the carpet and then buffing the carpet with a machine, the intent that the absorbent powders will absorb the dirt and then have to be vacuumed up after the buffing. While the carpets remain dry the disadvantage of this method is that there is no deep penetration to the root of the pile to pull ground in dirt and grime, as well as not super-heated water to help kill bacteria in your carpet. Additionally, you are subjecting your carpet to a buffing machine which could break down carpet fibers and take years of life out of your carpet.

From a health and wellbeing aspect, truck mounted hot water extraction is a preferred method as the cleaning agents and water are mainly contained in the work area and then quickly exported from the home or business back out to the truck collection tanks. Additionally, with the use of super-heated water in combination with cleaning detergents, more bacteria are killed, leaving your carpets clean and safe for your pets and family. Plus, truck mounted carpet cleaning systems use high powered vacuum units which do a far better job of removing the dirty water than that of rental units or home models from leading vacuum cleaner companies, helping your carpet dry faster.

Leading carpet manufacturers recommend that you professionally clean your carpets through the use of truck mounted hot water extraction every 12 to 18 months, obviously more often if your carpets experience high traffic and exposure to a lot of dirt and debris or if you have pets. The costs associated with professional truck mounted carpet cleaning are far less than you would imagine, Ace’s Carpet Cleaning advertises rates at only $87.50 for two rooms and a hallway – a very affordable expense to ensure your carpets longevity as well as your family’s well-being.

Carpet cleaning should be viewed as a necessary home maintenance task, much like performing maintenance on your bathroom tub to ensure the caulk has a good seal to prevent leaking, or the annual draining of your hot water tank to ensure rust and deposit buildups don’t cause your water tank to rust out. By contracting a professional carpet cleaning company like Ace’s to annually clean your carpets you are ensuring that your carpets will last for years to come.

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