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Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Saves Floors

October 20, 2016

Your home has a beautiful tile floor in the kitchen, but after time you notice that the tile and grout starts to look dirty and dingy, despite your regular household cleaning. Tile floors are a smart decision by homeowners because of the strength of tile and the stunning visual effect that high quality tile can bring to your home. However, many homeowners don’t realize beforehand that tile can be a lot of work if not properly taken care of, and it requires quite a bit of maintenance to maintain its beauty.

Tile flooring is one of the easiest ways to increase the property value of your home, but if you are unable to properly take care of the investment then it can quickly become an eyesore on your home. Thankfully, Ace’s Carpet Cleaning offers professional tile and grout cleaning services as part of our professional cleaning services portfolio.

The dirt and grime that you see collecting in the porous surfaces of your tile and grout is not only unsightly, but can also be unhealthy for you, your children and your pets. Tile and grout can trap dirt as well as germs and mildew or mold in their porous surfaces, creating a potential health risk especially for young children and family pets. However, having your tile and grout cleaned on a regular basis by a professional cleaner can eliminate these risks.

Grout, which is the substance between your tiles used to fill in the gaps, is very porous, which makes it quite easy for unwanted dirt and grime to collect in the grout and even begin to grow mold or mildew. Because of the porous nature of tile and grout, you may not be able to properly clean these surfaces yourself with conventional household methods – this is when calling Ace’s Carpet Cleaning is necessary.

Using the same process as cleaning your carpets, we use a truck mounted system which superheats the water to over 200 degrees and delivers the water and cleaning solution to the tile and grout, forcing the dirt, grime and germs out of the porous surfaces while also sanitizing the surfaces. The system uses a super powerful vacuum to remove the water, dirt and grime and expel it from your home back to the trucks waste water holding tanks.

Once the cleaning process has been completed and the tiles and grout have been rinsed with a high pressure rinse, we can then apply a tile and grout sealer which penetrates into the porous surfaces of the tile and grout and prevents dirt, grime and mildew from setting into the porous surface, protecting your tile and your family.

Tile floors are not the only tile and grout applications which Aces can help with. Showers and countertops are commonly made with tile surfaces, and showers especially are prone to mold and mildew in the grout. Calling Ace’s Carpet Cleaning to clean your tile showers and apply protective sealing can make your showers beautiful again while eliminating annoying mold and mildew smells and removing unsightly black stains in the shower tile grout.

Whatever your tile cleaning needs may be, your professional and friendly carpet cleaning professionals at Aces has the solution to fit your needs.

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