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Benefits of Year-Round Carpet Cleaning

December 13, 2016

Many people assume that cleaning your carpets only needs to happen when they are visibly dirty, or perhaps once every year to year and a half. The reality however is that carpet maintenance is a year-round task that shouldn’t be overlooked, and Ace’s Carpet Cleaning wants to make sure you know how to properly maintain your carpets all year. The following list will explain why regular professional carpet cleanings will promote the best carpet cleanliness and help maximize your carpets life.

Warranty Issues

Many carpet manufacturers actually require that you have your carpets professionally cleaned using the hot water extraction method every 12 months in order to maintain the warranty of the carpet. Failing to have your carpets regularly cleaned based on manufacturers specifications can void your warranty.

Protecting Your Investment

Carpet is no small purchase, especially if you have purchased quality carpet for your home, and by having your carpet professionally cleaned on an annual basis you are actually taking a proactive step in protecting the investment you have made in your home. Professional carpet cleaning through the hot water extraction method can actually prolong the life of your carpet.

Additionally, by regularly cleaning your carpets you are helping to make them easier to maintain in your day to day cleaning efforts. Regular professional carpet cleaning makes it so dry soils can be easily cleaned up from carpets through regular vacuuming. Carpets which have not been cleaned on a regular basis can actually retain these soils causing staining and damage the carpet.

When soil spots or stains from liquids do happen, it will be easier to clean up the messes if the carpets have been regularly cleaned, and carpets which have not been regularly cleaned can actually attract more soiling in already stained areas.

Promoting a Healthy Environment

By regularly having your carpets professionally cleaned you are actually promoting a healthier, safer living environment for you, your family and your pets. Carpets naturally trap airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen and bacteria, but through professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning these pollutants are removed from the carpet, thus removing them from your home. Dust mites, bedbugs, allergens, bacteria and other insects and their eggs could also be lurking in your carpet fibers, but by having your carpets professionally cleaned you can be assured that these potential health risks are killed and removed from your carpets.

Enhancing Your Homes Appearance

By maintaining clean carpets through regular professional cleanings, you are enhancing the appearance of your home as well maintained carpets can add that luster of a new home feeling. Additionally, well maintained and clean carpets can be an overall indicator of the cleanliness of a home. Having professionally cleaned carpets will help to maintain a clean and fresh feeling about your home and with proper, regular cleanings you will be able to enjoy your carpet for years.

So remember, calling Ace’s Carpet Cleaning isn’t only a task for when you have stained carpets, but should be a regular task on your yearly home maintenance list, in addition to an as needed service when unforeseen carpet disasters occur. Making a yearly appointment with Ace’s Carpet Cleaning will not only protect your carpets, but help protect the health and well being of your family as well.

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