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Carpet Cleaning – Leave it to the Professionals

January 19, 2017

You see the machines for rent in every major supermarket store, the commercials on TV about the newest home carpet cleaning machine that you can find right in the carpet vacuum isle at the local retailer, or the newest carpet cleaning solution available in the cleaner isle. But how effective are these home cleaning methods compared to hiring a professional carpet cleaning company? The reality is that these home methods are nowhere near as effective, and Ace’s Carpet Cleaning wants to make sure that you don’t end up wasting your money or your time with home applications that can actually do more damage than good.

Home carpet cleaners don’t have the super powerful vacuum to remove the water being used to clean the carpet, which results in your carpet fibers becoming saturated and retaining the moisture, which leads to your carpet becoming a haven for mold and bacteria growth! Counterproductive to one of the main reasons to have your carpet cleaned to begin with, this mold and bacteria can cause sickness in you, your children and your pets, as well as produce disgusting smells in your home and discolor the carpet from the mold and mildew growth.

Not only will the over saturation cause mold and bacteria growth, but the over-wetting of the carpet fibers will result in browning stains. Many people who have tried the home methods of carpet cleaning end up having to Ace’s professional carpet cleaning just to undo the damage the home carpet cleaner caused and to remove the lingering odors and residue in the carpets. Had they called the professionals at Ace’s to begin with they would have saved themselves the time and money involved in trying to do it themselves, and would have had beautifully cleaned carpets the first time around.

Home cleaning machines also do damage that you can’t see. The carpet padding will soak up all the water being doused into the carpet, and since home cleaning machines don’t have the powerful vacuum needed to extract the water, dirt, grime and bacteria back out, all that dirty water ends up sitting in the carpet padding, again facilitating the growth of mold and bacteria, but also causing potential damage to the actual floorboards of your home. Carpet padding is like a giant sponge, and because it holds water so well, your floor boards will be in constant contact with moisture. This constant exposure could result in damage to the floorboards requiring professional replacement, a job that is far more expensive and time consuming and which could have been avoided by calling your friendly professional carpet cleaners over at Ace’s rather than trying to clean your carpets yourself.

Many home owners and renters who have pets think that home carpet cleaning options will save them in the event that their pets have accidents in the home. The reality is that these home cleaning machines can actually make them worse! Professional truck mounted carpet cleaning companies like Ace’s have the advantage because their equipment is designed to deliver super-heated water to the carpet in combination with a carpet cleaning agent, which kills the bacteria, neutralizes the odor from urine and breaks up the dirt and grime. The super powerful vacuum then extracts it all back out of the carpet and padding leaving clean carpet. Home carpet cleaning machines can’t produce the same consistent high temperatures for the cleaning water and lack the super powerful vacuum for extraction, leading to pet stains being spread around the carpet and pet urine seeping deeper into the carpet fibers and carpet padding. Once pet urine has soaked all the way through carpet and padding the carpet has to be replaced, and often times an odor blocker applied to the floor boards because the urine has penetrated the wood.

So, the next time you are thinking that your home could use a little sprucing up and carpet cleaning is on your list, do yourself a favor which could result in saving you a lot of money, time and frustration, and call your local professional carpet cleaning professionals over at Ace’s Carpet Cleaning. Get it done right the first time, and enjoy the results of a professional job.

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