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Save Your Carpets from Winter Damage

February 16, 2017

Winter means snow and ice and subsequently such things as chemical ice melt and salt are everywhere – the roads, the sidewalks and parking lots – all places that make it easy to get on your shoes and track right in to your home or business. While ice melting products are great outdoors, keeping our roads and sidewalks safe, they are not so welcome indoors as they can be just as damaging as they are helpful. Ace’s wants to make sure you are prepared for winter mess and is here to give you some quick tips on keeping your carpets safe during this cold, winter season.

Snow, mud, ice melt and salt are commonly tracked indoors during the winter months, which can spell disaster for your home or businesses carpets and rugs! Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to help avoid tracking in the winter mess, and protect your carpets too!

Welcome Mats

Many people have welcome mats at their homes or places of business, right outside the door as people walk in – invest in a thick carpeted welcome mat and place it just inside the entrance as well so that snow, mud and ice melt is collected on this rug before people walk onto your carpets. These carpeted welcome mats are generally machine washable, so washing on a nightly basis for high traffic areas will keep the mat clean and ready to collect more debris the next morning. Additionally, vacuuming around the entry area several times a day will help to collect any debris not captured on the welcome mat. Additionally, clean the outside welcome mat on a daily basis, or several times throughout the day for high traffic areas, to reduce the amount of snow and ice melt accumulating in front of your door!

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats help to keep melting snow off your carpet, and by placing rubber mats beneath the welcome mats you can help insure that the snow and mud that does fall off your visitor’s shoes is not melting off into your carpet. Many rubber mats have a slightly raised sidewall to ensure that water doesn’t run off to the carpets, and if available these are the preferred mats to use for winter carpet protection. Make sure that you have a mop or other system in place to collect the water throughout the day as to prevent overflow from the rubber mat to the surrounding carpets.

Frequent Vacuuming

During winter weather, it is advised that you vacuum your carpets at least three times a day, which will help in collecting any ice melt, dirt and grime that your welcome mats don’t collect. By frequently vacuuming you are helping to ensure that the chemical and salt products used for ice melt applications don’t get a chance to sit in your carpets and start causing damage to the fibers. Having a small, hand held vacuum cleaner at the ready is also a smart step in making sure you can stay on top of winter messes, especially if you have pets. Many pet owners wish they could teach their pets to wipe their paws when they come in from the outdoors, but few have mastered this training! By having a small vacuum cleaner at the ready you can ensure that small messes tracked in by your pets can be easily and quickly cleaned up.

Professional Cleaning

Once the winter weather has passed for the season and the risk of snow and ice melt products being tracked into your home or business is gone, it’s time to call your friendly, professional carpet cleaners over at Ace’s to come in and perform hot water extraction cleaning on your carpets. No matter how vigilant you were on vacuuming and keeping your welcome mats clean and in place, you have inevitably tracked in winter grime that can damage your carpets if not professionally cleaned. Call Ace’s today for great everyday rates and professional service you can count on!


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