Medina Residential Carpet Cleaning

Professional Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

At Ace’s Carpet Cleaning in Medina, we use professional grade, truck mounted steam cleaning units, which are the only approved method of carpet cleaning supported by carpet manufacturers to remain within the terms of their warranty. While providing professional residential carpet cleaning services, we uses steam to both clean and sanitize your carpet – rather than other carpet cleaning companies who dry clean carpets – our method removes the dirt, odors and bacteria from your carpets and upholstery. The process of steam cleaning your carpets or upholstery is minimally intrusive as most of the equipment necessary to perform the cleaning is housed in our work truck outside of your home. Only a couple hoses and the steam cleaning floor tool is brought into your home. We hook up our truck mounted machine to a cold water source at your residence and heat the water to over 200 degrees to generate the steam which cleans your carpets and upholstery.


Pet Stains & Odors

Do you have pet stains and odors in your carpet or furniture? Ace’s Carpet Cleaning can help! Urine from your pets, such as dogs and cats, never actually dry in your carpet – so if you have tried cleaning pesky pet stains yourself with store bought carpet cleaning sprays, rental carpet shampooers or through the use of dry cleaning, your pet stains and odors may reappear along with the smell!

We use special enzymes during the process of cleaning your carpet or upholstery specifically designed to remove pet stains and odors from your carpet, your carpet pad, and your subfloor – leaving the affected area clean, free of pet damage, and smelling good again. Your pets are a part of your family, don’t let a little mess cost you big bucks in replacement costs – you just need to call Ace’s Carpet Cleaning!

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Helping those in Need

Ace’s Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to helping those in our community less fortunate and offer special discounts for residential carpet cleaning to families and individuals who are on fixed income from SSI, or who are currently on DSHS benefits. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation and we will be happy to come up with a plan that meets your individual needs.

Looking for residential floor cleaning services near you? Give us a call today for free estimates or to schedule an appointment and let our 30 years’ experience in the field benefit you!

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