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Commercial Cleaning

For our commercial services, Ace’s Carpet Cleaning of Medina uses truck mounted steam cleaning units combined with 100% natural green cleaners and specially formulated enzymes to both clean and sanitize your carpet. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies who dry clean…..

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Residential Cleaning

At Ace’s Carpet Cleaning in Medina, we use professional grade, truck mounted steam cleaning units, which are the only approved method of carpet cleaning supported by carpet manufacturers to remain within the terms of their warranty…..

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furniture Cleaning

When your carpets need a deep clean, look no further than Ace’s Carpet Cleaning. We offer professional carpet and furniture cleaning services for homes and businesses……

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tile grout Cleaning

Ace’s Carpet Cleaning is a professional cleaning and restoration company that provides tiles and grout cleaning services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best services so they can have a clean home or commercial space……