Carpets are continuously exposed to pollution ranging from dirt and dust to dried shampoo and food. All of this penetrates deep inside the pores of your precious carpet and not only ruins its look and feel, but also decreases its service life. 

Many people feel that outright replacement is the only viable solution to a spotty and grimy carpet. However, that is not the case anymore, and now you can get your carpet washed and cleaned so that it always looks as good as new. 

Ace’s Carpet Cleaning has been in the carpet cleaning business for over three decades. Rest assured that we have the experience and the expertise to painstakingly restore your carpet. 

We use the world-renowned hot water extraction or steam cleaning method to ensure that your carpet looks as beautiful as the day you beheld it for the first time. This form of carpet cleaning effectively removes even the deepest and toughest dirt stains without harming your precious carpet in any way. 

We inject a combination of hot water and powerful cleaning solutions deep within your carpet’s fibers. Once this mixture is allowed to soak in, and dissolve all the dirt and grime, we use a powerful suction machine to remove the dust and other allergens with the cleaning solution. Our machines are so powerful they even extract over 95 percent of the moisture from your carpet. At the same time, this cleaning technique is so safe that many carpet manufacturers recommend it whenever you want your carpet cleaned. 

Carpet cleaning requires tremendous skill and training. We make sure that our technicians have the necessary technical expertise before we send them on a job. Our carpet cleaning specialists are trained to clean and restore not just regular carpets, but also carpeted stairs, upholstery, and other surfaces.  

We provide the best service possible at competitive rates. Our aim is not just to clean your carpets and other fixtures, but to increase their service life as well. We believe in treating your home the way we would treat our own home. 

We understand that you want lasting results, and that’s what we aim to provide. We don’t merely clean your carpets but sanitize them so they are free from odors, bacteria, and other germs. We always strive to ensure that your carpets will look and feel great for a very long time. 

Our aim is to make your whole house look better than ever before. If you are interested in Norton, OH Carpet Cleaning, you can always rely on Ace’s Carpet Cleaning to get the job done right. Just call us, and we will bring our cutting-edge truck-mounted steam cleaning units to clean your carpets as thoroughly as possible. We ensure minimum disruption to your daily activities, and we will be in and out before you know it. 

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