Furniture upholstery is often overlooked, yet it is very important for you and your family. From watching the latest blockbuster to reading your favorite book or taking long weekend naps—the list is practically endless.

That’s why upholstery cleaning is as important as regular carpet cleaning. Your couches, ottomans, chairs, sectionals, and just about everything else with fabric need a lot of attention from highly skilled and experienced upholstery cleaning specialists. Let’s check the main reasons for getting your upholstery cleaned on a regular basis.

Ø  Ensure Durability and Longer Service Life

All the dirt and dust on your upholstery act like tiny bits of sandpaper rubbing the fabric surface. If the fabric is not cleaned regularly, it will lead to the thinning and fading of your furniture. Here, periodic upholstery cleaning will remove all the grime and dust and enhance its service life, so you won’t have to spend a lot on changing your furniture.

Ø  Improve Air Quality 

We are surrounded by dust and other airborne pollutants. They settle on every surface in your house. In fact, every time you sit or lie down on your furniture, you inadvertently release grime, bacteria, dirt, and dust into your home. Mold spores and even dead skin might end up swirling all around you—just waiting to be inhaled every time you breathe. People suffering from allergies and asthma are particularly susceptible to any dips in air quality.

While an air filter-equipped HVAC system might filter out these airborne pollutants, some of the dust and dander will still be floating all over the place. Since these particles are directly embedded in your upholstery, they won’t be easy to remove—unless you hire the experts at upholstery cleaning to do the job for you.

Ø  Rejuvenate Your Furniture

Upholstery collects all kinds of stains over time. However, hiding these stains under cushions and blankets is not really an option. Here upholstery cleaning professionals can restore your upholstery to its original look and feel so you won’t have to feel embarrassed whenever you have guests over at your place.

Ace’s Carpet Cleaning technicians have a lot of experience cleaning upholstery and carpets. We will have your furniture and carpet looking as good as new in no time at all. Contact us for a free estimate for all your Seville, OH, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning needs.

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